Vinyl Flooring Is The Most Trending Flooring - Find out why!

Vinyl/Resilient flooring is the top seller and has seen the most growth (285% since 2010) compared to its counterparts in the USA & Canada. 
Why is that:

The main reason is homeowners are replacing there old damaged floors and are looking for something more affordable without sacrificing durability and is still stylish. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, durable and has a come a long way in terms of style with some new modern vinyl being hard to distinguish with wood and tile. This bundle of compliments is something that other floors do not share and is what is separating it from laminate and hardwood flooring. Not only that but Vinyl Flooring is extremely DIY friendly and 41% of people install it themselves and 8% get a family or friend for the job!

What brand to buy:

The brand leaders in the space are Shaw & Mohawk flooring with lots of styles/thicknesses/designs with warranty to back it up. At renorama we stock these flooring brands as well as other leaders in the space such as Fuzion Flooring, NAF Floors, Beulieu Canada as well as more affordable brands such as Scenery and HP Flooring.


Vinyl flooring is the the hottest trending flooring of the last couple years. Mainly due to its affordability while having incredible durability and decent styling. It is by far the most DIY friendly floor with an easy vinyl click installation system. All in all its the most bang for your buck when it comes to making your flooring choice!

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