Here’s Why Vinyl Flooring is the Best  Flooring Solution for You

Here’s Why Vinyl Flooring is the Best  Flooring Solution for You

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

1. Affordability 

Luxury vinyl flooring happens to be the most budget friendly flooring option in the market. Prices can range depending on the brand, thickness and pattern preferred.  The cost of vinyl flooring is significantly less when compared to that of wood floors and carpet . The savings increase when you factor in the cost to clean and maintain vinyl flooring, which is generally a cost effective matter.  Overall, vinyl flooring is the most economical flooring option in the market. 


2. Durability 

Vinyl flooring is known to be stain and scratch resistant making it resilient against wear and tear, avoiding scuffed-up floors. This is due to its refined urethane finish which withstands foot traffic. It was designed to be lived on as it does not stain or indent easily allowing it to be kid and pet-friendly! Due to its durable nature and high quality, vinyl planks can be installed anywhere in your house.

3. Waterproof

Vinyl flooring is known for it's ability to withstand moisture while also being water resistant. Accidental spills and surface water are no match for our 100% water resistant vinyl options.  Waterproof vinyl planks can be utilized anywhere in your home, although they are especially ideal for rooms such as kitchens, washrooms and basements. Accidental water and pet messes are no match for Renorama’s worry free vinyl options that resist excess moisture.

4. Easy to Install 

Vinyl floors offer advanced and simplified installation methods, making it much easier to install and hassle free. At Renorma we offer vinyl flooring products with easy installation methods such as, click, glue down, loose lay and many more. This type of flooring can be installed anywhere in your house.

5. Color/Size/ Design Variation

Vinyl flooring is known for its extensive patterns, textures, colors and realistic visuals. It can take on the look of extremely authentic flooring, offering your floors the appearance of the real deal! At the Renorama we offer an ample variety of vinyl flooring from wood to marble, stone, decorative tiles and concrete, making your flooring choices virtually limitless! Not only will you be able to find the perfect match for you, you may have trouble selecting your favorite one. 

6. Easy to Clean & Maintain 

Similar to all types of flooring, vinyl flooring requires the occasional cleaning and maintenance, especially when utilized in high traffic areas. Fortunately, they are easy to upkeep and clean due to their intricate design. To maintain the look of brand new vinyl floors use a vacuum, broom, or a microfiber cloth for a quick cleaning! For deeper cleans a damp mop and a gentle cleaner will get the job done! Vinyl plank floors offer a protective wear layer that  ensures its luster for the many years to come


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