The Ultimate Guide on How to Pick the Perfect Area Rug
To elevate your space, sometimes all you need is a statement area rug. Not only does it serve as a function but it is also the outlining feature of a room. Selecting the perfect area rug for your home is not an easy task. A broad and endless selection of rug options are available within your fingertips. Read our all-inclusive guide below to ensure you're buying the finest rug for your space. We’re here to share our tips and tricks on how to find the perfect area rug for your space including styles, types, patterns, sizes, and care. 

What Size Should my Area Rug Be?

One of the most common decorating mistakes is selecting a rug that is too small for the space. A general rule of thumb for most average-sized rooms is to leave 10-20 inches of bare floor between the edge rug and the walls. The size of your room and the furniture within the space play a significant factor on the size of your rug. Generally, in a living room it is ideal for all the furniture to sit on the rug spaciously or for all the front legs to be situated  on the rug. In a dining room the area rug must be large enough that  the table and the chairs should remain on it even when pulled back from the table. Consequently, in a bedroom the area rug must frame the bed. Ideally, a 8x10 rug for a queen bed is suggested and a 9x12 for a king bed. If you happen to fall in love with a smaller rug layering it is a great alternative. 

8x10 area rug in an average size living room.

What Shape Should my Area Rug Be?

Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes. Browse and shop for area rugs in differing shapes that may complement your space and furniture. Ideally, a rug should mimic the furniture that will be placed on it. For instance, a circular dining table is best paired with a round area rug. This same approach can be utilized for other places in your home. A square furniture arrangement is best encompassed with a square area rug. 

Another helpful strategy to utilize is allowing the shape of your room to direct your pick. Generally, if a space is narrow and long, it is best to avoid square or circular rugs, as this will disunite the corners of the wall. 

What is the best Rug Style & Color for my Space?

There is an endless array and selection of styles for area rugs. Spaces are no longer limited to Persian or classic European styles. Alongside the timeless classics there are modern and contemporary alternatives, for instance, bold geometrics and florals.

It is crucial to note that an area rug does not need to match everything in the room, however it should flow with the textures and color palettes of the existing furniture. 

Color is a great starting point when selecting an area rug. The color you choose will dictate the entire tone for the room, making it a critical decision. If you have furniture in the room, consider how the differing tones will work with the tone of the rug. Spaces with a lot of color and pattern work best with neutral or single colors. If furniture is not in the equation then consider the colors of the floors, walls and ceilings. Area rugs can easily become a statement piece in your home or they can blend in with the rest of your space, this comes down to preference. 

What Type of Rug is best: High Pile vs Low Pile?

When selecting a rug it is critical to think about what kind of pile you like. Low-pile rugs come sturdier than high-pile rugs and are much easier to maintain and clean, they are also more cost effective. Rugs with a longer pile generally come much softer and luxurious, promoting a cozy and inviting look. Spaces that are high traffic areas benefit from low pile rugs. 

What is the best rug for High-Traffic Areas?

Area rugs are susceptible to damage in higher-traffic areas especially with kids or pets in the house. It is important to consider the durability and the cleanability factors when buying a rug for areas such as staircases and hallways. High traffic areas require a rug that is hand-knotted and can handle stress. Nylon or micro-hooked wool can be utilized as well. Cleanability and maintenance is also significantly important to note, materials such as recycled polyester or polypropylene are recommended. Most rugs need to be vacuumed and maintained regularly. Flat-weave rugs are much easier to vacuum, whereas high-pile rugs are much more difficult to clean and require professionals. 

Area rugs

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